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How to Play Nice with Other Bands: 10 Tips

How musicians can establish and maintain good working relationships between bands, artists, managers, and other music industry professionals....[read more]

5 Questions You Should Ask Every Potential Band Member

5 questions to ask a band member before they join the band. Helpful questions for band members auditions and interviews....[read more]

Married to the Band (Part II)

Band relationships are similar to marriages or dating relationships and take effort from musicians to keep the band in tact, and free of stress....[read more]

Married to the Band (Part I)

Advice for musicians on relationship dynamics, and how to treat band relationships like marriages and dating to make sure everyone feels like a valued...[read more]



Music Lessons: 15 Things Parents Need to Consider

What do I need to think about before my kid takes lessons? Music lessons for students....[read more]

How to Get Your Music on the Radio: Tips from a DJ

How to get your music on the radio, how to prepare for performing on the radio, tips from a DJ....[read more]

How to Finish Your Album,
Part II

Learn how to make and finish a record album. Learn how to be a producer, and how to manage a band....[read more]

How to Finish Your Album,
Part I

Do you have an unfinished project? Learn how to get past your excuses and fears, and finish what you started....[read more]

You Have Unrealistic Expectations for Mariah Carey

Criticizing singers like Mariah Carey and Beyonce for their bad vocal leaks is unfair. No one is 100% perfect all the time....[read more]